General Membership Meeting Agenda, Jan. 4, 2023

Utah State Progressive Caucus

7:00-8:30 p.m., January 4, 2022 via internet conference

Presiding and Conducting: Emily Olsen, Chair

This meeting is open to the public – please register in advance at A Zoom registration link will be sent to you before the meeting.

  1. Approve Meeting Minutes from April 14, 2022 meeting
  2. Announcements
    a.  Date of 2023 Utah Democratic Convention: May 19-20 in Cedar City
    b.  Other announcements
  3. Proposed change to Utah Progressive Caucus By-laws
    Article VIII, Section B:
    Any such motions or letters for removal that are received by a member of the Executive Committee will may be redirected to the Judicial Committee of the Utah Democratic Party. If the motion regards the Chair of the Caucus, the motion will also be submitted to the Vice Chair.
  4. Discussion about Proposing Itemized Amendments to Utah Democratic Party Constitution
  5.  Points of interest in the upcoming 2023 Legislative Session
  6. Creation of Legislative Committee
    Purpose of Legislative Committee and role of chair
    Nomination of Committee Chair
  7. Caucus sponsorship of statewide lecture series
  8. Scheduling of the next General Membership Meeting
  9. Adjournment

2 thoughts on “General Membership Meeting Agenda, Jan. 4, 2023

  1. Chad Harper

    Hello my name is Chad Harper I’m replying this message I’m strong democratic young man that believes in strong leadership I’m a family of a strong Democratic Party my dad is a strong union man my Mother and Grandpa was strong Democrats I want these meetings happening because we need to defend our democracy and leadership and hold our far right politics accountable I’m in support for the new democratic leadership that has been sworn I’m looking forward to the next meeting people that work hard in the lower class and middle class our getting left behind and out the picture. We need to keep our infrastructure ,clean water 💧jobs social security programs remain in place for veterans seniors and disabled people Im really concerned about how things are going right now Economy, jobs, social security benefits, education , healthcare and the environment thank you I look forward of working with all of you

  2. Chad Harper

    Also I’m concerned too about the racism, discriminate, Bullying in schools ,shootings I’m also concerned about that there’s a-lot more hatred also lots jealousy and families are splitting apart because of greed in this country today. That’s why I’m interested and involved with defending our country democracy, for people who need our voices heard my crew and guys and are working harder than we ever had to work can’t get much time off or are forced until we get onto working with no holiday or overtime worked. That’s why I’m interested and involved with this. Thank you Chad Harper

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