2023 Utah Legislative Session Disability Rights HB 13 | Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities Amendments Rep. J. Stenquist | PASSED: 14 Feb 2023, Draft of Enrolled Bill …

March On Utah for Voting Rights

  By Emily Olsen, Chair, Utah State Democratic Progressive Caucus Speech given at March on Utah for Voting Rights rally on August 28, 2021, at the Utah State Capitol Before …

Supreme Court Decision Puts Another Dent in 1965 Voting Rights Act

Justice Alito knows better, and his catering to the Big Lie adds judicial credence to a house of cards that will fall in time. The question I ask, though, is why did the Supreme Court’s conservative majority even choose to rule on this case, if not to try to uphold other more discriminatory voter legislation by establishing this precedent?

Critical Race Theory is Based on Facts

Conservatives’ interpretation of the word “whiteness” is incorrect. Replace the word “whiteness” with “white privilege” or “white supremacy,” and its use makes more sense.