General Membership Meeting Agenda – January 10 @ 7PM via ZOOM

  1. Approve Meeting Minutes from November 22, 2021 meeting
  2. Announcements
  3. Review and discussion of proposed Mission Statement for caucus that will appear on UDP website:
    1. Advancing Democratic Progressive political policy throughout Utah by way of a strong grassroots network to enact policies that promote social justice and equity for all people by:
      1. Improving wages and working conditions for the middle and lower classes.
      2. Removing racism and other forms of discrimination from housing, health care, employment, education, and criminal justice.
      3. Supporting candidates and elected officials who espouse Democratic Progressive values.
  4. Efforts to submit op-eds to local newspapers
  5. Legislation on our radar discussion
  6. Additional business
  7. Scheduling of next General Membership Meeting
  8. Adjournment