Law enforcement reform legislation passed in 2021 Utah Legislative Session

HB0022 Medical Examiner Amendments Nelson, Merrill F. Requires the chief medical examiner to investigate deaths resulting directly from actions of a law enforcement officer and establishes a criminal penalty if false information is provided to the chief medical examiner.
HB0025 Mental Health Protections for First Responders Kwan, Karen Extends the Mental Health Protections for First Responders Workgroup until 2025 and will address the following: improving a first responder’s accessibility to mental health treatment, and other issues related to worker’s compensation for first responders.
HB0044 CCJJ Reporting Requirements Miles, Kelly B. Requires the State Commission on Criminal and juvenile Justice to make an annual progress report on the following: ensuring oversight and accountability; supporting local corrections systems; improving and expanding reentry and treatment services; and strengthening probation and parole supervision.
HB0059S01 Law Enforcement Investigation Amendments Stoddard, Andrew Provides criminal penalties for a law enforcement officer and a prosecutor to duplicate, share, copy or display an intimate image, except in specified circumstances.
HB0062S02 Post Certification Amendments Stoddard, Andrew) Adds additional grounds for suspending or revoking the certification of a peace officer or to issue a Letter of Caution, including conduct involving dishonesty or deception, and a violation of the employer’s use of force policy.
HB0084 Use of Force Reporting Requirements Romero, Angela Requires that local law enforcement report the use of force by an officer to the Federal Bureau of Criminal Identification.
HB0087 Electronic Information and Data Privacy Amendments Hall, Craig Requires, with certain exceptions, law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant for electronic data or information transmitted through an electronic communication service, except for data from the National Center for Missing or Exploited Children.
HB0101S03 Prohibited Persons Amendments Stoddard, Andrew Provides a process for surrendering a firearm after an individual becomes a restricted person.
HB0162S01 Peace Officer Training Amendments Romero, Angela Requires a peace officer’s annual training to include training on: mental health and crisis intervention responses; arrest control; and de-escalation training.
HB0237S03 Lethal Force Amendments Dailey-Provost, Jennifer Requires a peace officer in certain situations to have a reasonable belief that the use of lethal force is both reasonable and necessary.
HB0248 Mental Health Support Program for First Responders Kwan, Karen Requires the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to administer a grant program to provide mental health resources for first responders.
HB0260S04 Criminal Justice Modifications Lisonbee, Karianne Prohibits the Office of State Debt Collection from assessing interest on certain accounts receivables; amends provisions on interest, fees, and other amounts charged by the Office of State Debt Collection; and amends provisions regarding a restitution request from the Office for Victims of Crime; among other things
HB0334 Special Needs Training for Law Enforcement Amendments Eliason, Steve This bill requires peace officer training to include training on autism spectrum disorder and other mental illnesses.
HB0345 School Resource Officers Amendments Hollins, Sandra This bill amends provisions relating to a local education agency’s ability to contract with a law enforcement agency for school resource officer services.
SB0013S02 Law Enforcement Internal Investigation Requirements Iwamoto, Jani Requires that an employing agency notify the Peace Officer Standards and Training Division if a peace officer separates from the agency while an investigation is in progress; requires that the agency investigation be turned over to the division under certain circumstances.
SB0038 K-9 Policy Requirements Thatcher, Daniel W. Enacts the Law Enforcement Canine Team Certification Act that will require the annual certification and training of dogs and handlers; it also amends the liability provision for dog bites.
SB0068 Law Enforcement Weapons Amendments Buxton, David G. This bill creates a program to fund the purchase of technology and equipment to assist law enforcement agencies in investigating officer-involved critical incidents when a firearm is involved.
SB0098 Asset Forfeiture Amendments Weiler, Todd Clarifies provisions related to the seizure and forfeiture of property and contraband – provides that law enforcement agencies have 30 days to process seized cash or negotiable instruments and requires certification of asset forfeiture specialists.
SB0102S01 Peace Officer Training Qualifications Amendments Mayne, Karen Permits lawful permanent residents who meet certain requirements to apply to become peace officers.
SB0106 Use of Force Amendments Thatcher, Daniel W. Establish minimum certification qualifications of use of force for all peace officers in the state and annually review and update the standards based on the most current information and best practices.
SB0109S01 Emergency Services Amendments Harper, Wayne A. Directs the State Emergency Medical Services Committee to establish certification requirements; amends the background check requirements for certified individuals; and addresses the certification and accreditation authority of the Utah Fire Prevention Board.
SB0159 Law Enforcement Data Management Requirements Anderegg, Jacob L. Requires the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice to assemble a panel of professionals and experts to study and make recommendations regarding the collection and management of public safety data throughout the state; requires the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice to report on the panel’s findings and recommendations to the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee
SB0191S02 Law Enforcement Modifications Bramble, Curtis S. Establishes a process and requirements for certification of a law enforcement agency established by a private institution of higher education (a private law enforcement

agency); describes the authority of a private law enforcement agency; and  establishes due process procedures for taking formal action against a private law

enforcement agency, including placing the private law enforcement agency on probation or revoking a private law enforcement agency’s certification

SB0196 Law Enforcement Agency Disclosure Amendments Iwamoto, Jani Provides immunity for an employing law enforcement agency or training academy providing information to a prospective employer upon request; and provides immunity for information provided by authorized officers of law enforcement agencies to prospective employers or training academies.
SJR013 Joint Resolution on Federal and State Roles in Criminal Justice Bramble, Curtis S.

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