Proposed Edits to the Constitution of the Utah Democratic Party

Emily Olsen, Chair of the Progressive Caucus, has submitted proposed edits to the constitution of the Utah Democratic Party to be included on the agenda at the next UDP Central Committee meeting that will be held in March (it has not been scheduled yet). It will also be voted on at the Democratic State Convention on May 19-20 in Cedar City. Below, Blue highlight means to be added, and red highlight means to remove:

Proposed amendments to Utah Democratic Party Constitution
A. Article 1, Section 1:

28 Section 1. The Utah State Democratic Party shall:

29 (i) Nominate and assist in the election of only Democratic Party candidates for public

30 elected office, with particular emphasis on U.S. Senatorial and Congressional candidates, which draw in support for other Democratic candidates down ballot – except in the case when no Democratic candidate exists for a respective office;
31 (ii) Adopt and promote statements of policy;

32 (iii) Assist local, state, and federal Democratic Party organizations in the election of their Democratic candidates and the

33 education of their voters;
34 (iv) Establish standards and rules of procedure to afford all members of the Democratic

35 Party full, timely and equal opportunities to participate in decisions concerning the

36 selection of candidates, the formulation of policy, and the conduct of other

37 Democratic Party affairs, and, further, to support without prejudice all Utah Democratic Party-endorsed candidates monetarily and/or by availing them to other party resources, promote fair campaign practices, and the fair

38 adjudication of disputes;

39 (v) Raise and disburse monies needed for the successful operation of the Democratic

40 Party;

41 (vi) Work with Democratic public officials at all levels to achieve the objectives of the

42 Democratic Party including, but not limited to, the promotion of Democratic ideals as listed in the Utah Democratic Party Platform and the successful election of Utah Democratic Party-endorsed candidates; and, […].



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