Proposed Edits to the Bylaws of the Utah Democratic Party

Emily Olsen, Chair of the Progressive Caucus, has submitted proposed edits to the of the bylaws of the Utah Democratic Party. It is presently being reviewed by the parliamentarian and will be on the agenda of the next Rules Committee meeting. These proposed edits replace those for the UDP Constitution. The edits are subject to change. Please contact Emily if you have any questions or comments. The proposed edits are highlighted in bright blue below:

Proposed edits to the Utah Democratic Party Bylaws

Motion #1:

Article II: State Primary Convention

            Section 6. Nomination of Candidates for the General Election. All persons intending to

143    become candidates at the Primary Convention for any elected office except for Lieutenant

144     Governor of the State of Utah, shall file a statement of candidacy with either the County Clerk or

145    Lieutenant Governor’s Office, as appropriate. Sponsors of all organizations, ballot initiatives,

146    referendums, and other statements of preference, herein referred to as issues, intending to receive

147    endorsement by the delegates at the Primary Convention shall submit a written request for

148    consideration to the State Party Chair no later than 14 days before the convention.


150    Where the number of candidates or issues before the delegates is not greater than the number to

151    be elected or endorsed at the next general election, those candidates and sponsors of issues shall

152    be allowed to address the Convention, delegates, or caucus, as appropriate, seeking confirmation

153    of the Democratic Party’s nomination or endorsement. In partisan races with a single Democratic candidate, delegates shall have the opportunity to vote whether to nominate the candidate, and party nomination shall be met by a simple majority.

Motion #2:

Article XII: General Provisions

Section 12. At no time shall the party require payment from candidates for access to VAN (VoteBuilder).

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