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2020 Caucus Night

As you know, all State Convention events are being held online and the Utah State Progressive Caucus is no different in procedure… only in policy and ideology. 😉

Please join us this Wednesday evening to conduct Caucus business and organize to get local, progressive candidates elected in Utah!

We will post a detailed agenda as it is developed on this webpage, so please consider bookmarking it. The broad agenda is as follows…

  • Vote on proposed Caucus Rules & Bylaws
  • Vote on proposed Caucus Platform
  • Listen to local candidates seeking our Caucus Endorsement
  • Rank-Choice Endorsement vote
  • Mobile local House & Senate Districts for endorsed candidates

To prepare yourself for the Caucus Rules & Bylaws vote, please become familiar with the proposed draft before the Caucus meeting. We will not have the opportunity to read the proposed changes to you.

To prepare yourself for the Caucus Platform vote, please become familiar with the proposed draft before the Caucus meeting. We will not have the opportunity to read the proposed draft to you.

Candidate endorsements will be voted on using an online rank-choice ballot. This ballot is mobile-friendly and provided to each attendee after the candidate speeches are complete. If you have called into the Caucus meeting, the ballot URL will be texted to you.

Candidates Requesting Endorsement

As candidates respond to our invitation and complete our policy questionnaire, they will be added to this list for your convenient review.

Utah House District 38

Ashlee Matthews
(801) 631-5574

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform. My issues are working-class issues! State-sponsored and subsidized childcare and after school programs, a state prevailing wage to boost the wages of all workers across the State to one that is liveable, increasing accessibility to transportation on the Westside, improving our air quality, and moving State facilities to run on renewable energy are things I will focus on.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Moving all State-owned and operated facilities to renewable energy.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Salt Lake County Council District 6

Aaron Dekeyzer
(801) 300-3059

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Our campaign platform is comprised of two main pillars: sustainability and community. For sustainability, we support growth that is in alignment with smart city principles, building out a larger (and in some areas free) public transit network, energy-efficient lighting that promotes dark skies, and clean air and water. For the community, we believe in working to end the homelessness problem (amongst others) through a potential token economy, a diverse and cultured people who are engaged with and connected to each other and their elected officials, and representatives who answer to the people, not special interest groups or corporations.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Our sustainability goals align with your goal of a thriving ecosystem. I have a master’s degree in ecopsychology and a certificate from MIT in Smart City Design and Technology and am excited to bring these principles to the county council.

We have community goals that align with your goals of ending violence and poverty. Through education, public programs, and legislation/ordinances we can create a lot of change in this arena.

I agree with your goal of a sympathetic government. When thousands of people speak out about an issue, for example, Olympia Hills, it is important that they are heard. I was the only candidate in my race to speak to the county council to postpone their decision to better respond to resident feedback. Even better would be being proactive in a campaign to build public support beforehand.

My goal to door knock 10,000 doors (and if that is not possible in the current environment, through phone calls) aligns with your goal to create an inclusive political system and bolster grassroots efforts.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Utah State House District 33

Fatima Dirie
(801) 837- 1337

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Our campaign is built on the ideals of representation, community voice, inclusivity, equity and inclusion. We are taking these elements and applying them to the larger community issues like healthcare, education, the economy, and legislative integrity.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: As an immigrant, it is incredibly important that we have all voices of our community present at the table. I am also committed to pursuing legislation that helps provide healthcare to every Utahn.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Ofa Matagi
(385) 707-5832

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform. Access to Affordable Healthcare: It is imperative that all Utahn’s have access to healthcare regardless of their socioeconomic status. Earlier this year Utah’s Legislature and the United States Federal Agency Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiated Full Medicaid Expansion. Under this law, “Utah Department of Health expanded Medicaid to cover up to 138% of the federal poverty level ($16,753 a year in salary for an individual or $34,638 for a family of four). More than 40,000 more people are now expected to be covered starting January 1, 2020.” However, this expansion comes with mandatory work requirements. Per the Utah Health Policy Project, penalizing enrollees with red-tape barriers does not promote good health or increased access to employment. Although thousands more now have access to Medicaid, families who are already financially stretched have an additional barrier of entry. Therefore, we must ensure current statues are met so that our most vulnerable Utahns do not fall between the cracks of the system.

Environmental Stewardship: I am a strong advocate for promoting responsible use and protection of our natural environment through conservation and sustainable practices. In order for our city to achieve this, both residents of West Valley and its partners (city council, state legislature, DEQ) must utilize the resources available to us through effective research, collaboration, and practical solutions. Focusing with research like that of the West Valley Toxics Study per UDEQ: Air Quality and legislation like HB235 Voluntary Home Energy Information Pilot Program as well as HB411 Community Renewable Energy Act. Both programs can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help power our homes with more local power. The former will address energy efficiency and the later renewable power systems. Although collaboration is paramount to reducing our carbon foot-prints, focusing on the importance of individual action is a vital component to conservation. We must also empower our communities to become knowledgable of how their actions play a part in preserving our city and state.

Strengthening Educational Partnerships & Opportunities: As a child growing up in the public school system I often found myself uncertain of my own potential. Navigating school in my adolescent years up to entering post-secondary education was challenging to say the least. A constant that I could look up to were the countless mentors I had guiding me. Whether it was a mentor/mentee relationship or participation in a college preparedness program, I had a great support system. I know that without these educational partnerships and opportunities I most certainly would not be where I am today. For this reason, strengthening such relationships within our educational system can provide an environment for our students to thrive.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: I believe all the components of my platform as well as lived out values exemplify progressive views. As a 1st generation, Tongan American woman of color here in the United States my experience has always been unique. My identity is intersectional in many ways which gives the foundation to understand the complex ways in which power & privilege manifest itself in our society & government. As a long time advocate and proponent for social justice, equality as well inclusion for all… being a progressive is part of who I intrinsically am.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

U.S. Congressional District 4 – Utah

Daniel Beckstrand
(801) 822-8763

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Progressive ideas and values are winning the ideological debate. Poll after poll shows that policies like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, campaign finance reform, tuition-free education, a livable wage, and more are all popular. That’s why I believe that we need representatives in Congress who will fight for those policies and get them passed. Our campaign doesn’t take any money from corporate PACs, lobbyists, or special interest groups because I believe that is tantamount to bribery. It is a Congress member’s responsibility to work on behalf of their constituents, not the big money interests funding their reelection campaigns.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Having read through the platform I can confidently say that my campaign goals align entirely with the goals of the progressive caucus. I believe that healthcare is a basic human right and should be guaranteed by the government. I believe that housing is a basic human right and that no person should be left out on the streets. I believe that every person should have the opportunity to pursue the level of education and degree that they desire, regardless of their income, status, or race. I believe we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15/hour and attach it to production and inflation levels so that no worker is left behind in our economy. I also believe that we need a federal jobs guarantee, as part of the Green New Deal, to ensure a just transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Ben McAdams
(801) 706-8598

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform. My top priority and the value which has guided my career in public service — including my time in Congress — has been and will continue to be putting people before politics. I believe that the best way to tackle our problems is to bring people together to find lasting, meaningful solutions rather than engage in the type of political warfare all too common in Washington which seeks to divide people along party lines for political gain and results in partisan gridlock and problems that years without a solution.

I strongly support access to quality, affordable healthcare and believe that things like protecting folks with pre-existing conditions should be a non-negotiable part of our health system. I am proud of my vote to protect the ACA as well as our efforts to improve upon the law with legislation like HR 3, HR 987, and HR 1425 — bipartisan bills to strengthen our healthcare system, promote transparency, and lower premiums.

Tackling the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is also a huge priority of mine, which is why I am proud to have stood up to Big Pharma by refusing to take their campaign contributions and voting bills that would lower the cost of prescription drugs, cap the amount seniors pay out of pocket with Medicare Part D, and the bill I support to bring down the price of life-saving drugs like insulin for people who need it.

Protecting Utah’s Wilderness and Environment

Utah’s public lands and open spaces are national treasures and critical to our state’s economy. I have worked hard over the course of my career going all the way back to my days in the state legislature as well as during my time as the mayor of Salt Lake County to protect them. In Congress, I voted to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation fund and to establish 600,000 acres of wilderness in Utah.

I’ve also supported the United States rejoining the Paris Climate Treaty as well as introduced legislation to research ozone pollution and increase solar energy because I believe that the state of our environment and air quality is not just a public health emergency, but an economic emergency that threatens to hurt Utah’s reputation as a premier outdoor recreation and tourism destination for people around the globe.

Standing Up for Families, Children, and Vulnerable Utahns

Fighting for the most vulnerable members of our community is what fuels my passion for public service and is among the most rewarding work I’ve ever been a part of. As the mayor of Salt Lake County I made addressing homelessness a top priority. In Congress, I’ve continued to look for ways to work on issues that help people such as my vote for the equality act, an amendment I passed to block illegal content such as child pornography to protect kids online, and the legislation I passed to combat the alarming rise in the rate of suicides in our state and country.

Other critical issues my office is working on are immigration reform, fighting for teachers and our public education system, and finding ways to address our broken campaign finance system – such as my vote in support of HR 1.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: While there are bound to be policy differences between myself and members of any caucus, including the progressive caucus, I believe that the values which underly our positions are shared values. We believe in the dignity of a fair paycheck for a hard day’s work, we believe that access to affordable and quality healthcare is a human right, we believe that climate change is real and that we must act now and must act boldly to address it, we believe that education is the great equalizer and that cost should not be a prohibitive factor in obtaining it, we believe in the combatting the corruptive influence of money in politics and support the repeal of citizens united, and we believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to look after and care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Utah State House District 3

Jared Anderson
(916) 342-8238

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I am campaigning for Universal Basic Income & Welfare Reform ($1,000 to each adult age 18 and above), Universal Healthcare with a drive toward Patient-Focused Healthcare (making all hospitals file as non-profits so that profit margins are redirected toward quality care), and Combating Climate Change through investment in solar infrastructure.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: As you know, I am fighting for Universal Basic Income, Welfare Reform, Universal Healthcare and Patient-focused Healthcare, and Combating Climate Change. My goals are to get these passed through Congress, so that the average American has a fighting chance in achieving the American Dream. While I do not know the specifics of the Utah Progressive Caucus’ stances, I feel that my policy platforms fit with the national Progressive movement, and I look forward to receiving the Utah Progressives’ endorsement.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

U.S. Congressional District 1 – Utah

Jamie Cheek
(801) 232-6944

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I am running a grassroots progressive campaign that encompasses many values that are important Utahns. Labeling myself as Progressive is important both to me and the campaign I am running. We are in Utah, a place where everyone says that only Moderates can win, but I disagree. This is why I have decided to include many progressive issues as the core of my campaign platform, all of which can be found on my website.
I support Affordable Healthcare, Clean Air, Increasing Funding and Access to Education (including Student Loan Debt Forgiveness), Increasing the Minimum Wage, Ending Citizens United and Improving Access to Voting.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe:

  1. Healthcare – I agree that healthcare is a human right and that we must increase access to it. I would support either a public option of Medicare for All, or a hybrid version that Congress can get passed. This is on my website
  2. Air Quality – I agree with all 3 parts of your platform about clean air. In my recent townhall, I mentioned that poor air quality hurts Utahns and that we must do something to fix it. This is also on my website.
  3. Housing – I agree with your platform on Housing. I have not made it a specific piece of my platform and have not put it in any of my information, but I would support all positions you have outlined.
  4. Education – I completely agree with your platform on education. I have included many of these same ideas on my website and spoken about them in my videos.
  5. Tax Policy – This is another area I agree with but have not highlighted on my webpage. I did help with the 2019 Tax Referendum and my stance on taxes is included on their candidate page.
  6. Criminal Justice – I agree with all parts of your platform, especially the end of for-profit prisons and ending the cash bail system. I do mention reform for criminal justice on my website.
  7. Jobs/Labor – I agree with all parts of your platform, including raising the minimum wage and making a green and more just economy. I also take Unions very seriously, and all of the printing for my campaign has been done with Union only shops.
  8. Rights of the Disabled – I work for Vocational Rehabilitation where our entire mission is to help individuals with disabilities to find employment. I also have a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from USU. I absolutely agree with all parts of this platform.
  9. Racial Justice – I again agree with all parts of this platform. While not specifically addressed on my website, I have participated in protests to help increase transparency in the Ogden Policy Department.
  10.  Reproductive Justice – As a woman candidate, I agree completely with this platform. We need more women to represent us so that these kinds of decisions are not made by men behind close doors. I also think the focus should be on improving sex education and increasing access to free contraception.
  11. Campaign Finance – I absolutely agree with all parts of this platform and explain my support on my website. Our current system is broken and we must do more to improve fairness in our election system and give more access to the ballot. This is also shown on my website.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

U.S. Congressional District 2 – Utah

Randy Hopkins
(801) 980-7711

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Health Care is a basic right, not a privilege. I will fight for universal access to quality affordable health care. We need to protect Social Security and Medicare. I believe in science. Climate change is real. We need policies that move us towards renewable energy. Public lands need to stay in public hands Jobs must provide a living wage. Post high school education must be accessible and affordable.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Put forth legislation immediately to restore the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. Work on legislation for affordable health care. A single payer system like “Medicare for all” would be the most efficient and and least expensive way to go. But being a pragmatist I will listen to other ideas and support the one that can get passed. Incentive plans for moving industry to renewable energy sources must be developed. Federal Minimum wage laws need to be adjusted for inflation. These don’t seem so much as progressive ideas but common sense ideas for the benefit of all Americans.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Kael Weston
(801) 803-1991

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: We are a campaign that believes people come first — and that the public good is what should define public policy. Our country continues to fail our people on public health. That is wrong. It needs to change. Our campaign has prioritized “for all” in our health care messaging. As the candidate, I support a single-payer model (having lived in Europe and seeing firsthand how the Veterans Affairs system works). I myself have been on the ACA’s individual market for a decade. My father, after receiving his lung cancer diagnosis and four sessions of chemo, remarked: “Don’t get cancer if you’re under 65.” Without Medicare, our family could not afford his $150K+ medical bills. So many families have been bankrupted by medical bills or excluded entirely from even basic medical care. Our is a brittle, inhumane, and unsustainable model.
Here’s a piece I co-wrote with my 93-year old Rotary friend, John Zaccheo, for the SL Tribune on the ACA+10:

I also believe the most important decision a new member of congress can make is whether to send our youth to war. The Iraq War, where I spent four years with the U.S. State Department (three years in Fallujah), showed the human cost of failed policy. A very red tally. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic similarly shows how having the wrong people in government can lead to deaths. That’s another reason why I am running: to ensure that we never start another unnecessary war — Fallujans still reach out to me, fifteen years later.

I am a candidate who is also a writer (New York Times, Salt Lake Tribune, among other publications) and a published author (The Mirror Test: America at War in Iraq and Afghanistan, 2016). (book-focused site)

As a writer and author, I believe talk is cheap. Political talk in 2020 is particularly cheap. Putting words on paper matters, like you have done with your platform. I have a significant publication trail over many years and encourage you to review my various opeds and other writing. I own my views because they are in print.

I support other key parts of your platform, which I hope we have a chance to discuss: Roe v. Wade and choice; a clear focus on carbon emissions/air quality; serious tax reform focused on addressing today’s inequities; criminal justice reform; campaign finance reform, among the others you have identified in your platform.

I look forward to the opportunity to delve deeper into shared priorities and how we can achieve results.

Simply put: our politics are failing our people, particularly the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us. Working together, we can change that.
We must.

Thank you for the opportunity to seek your endorsement.

Kael Weston

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Utah Governor

Zachary Moses
(801) 613-1178

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I am a progressive candidate, I believe that I am the most progressive in the Governor’s race. I read through the new proposed platform from the progressive caucus and it almost perfectly mirrors our new Contract with Capitalism. Think of our contract as a young entrepreneurial, Utah-based Green New Deal, with some updated wording and policies to pay for it. If you want to read specifics you can check them out on the site:

To give you the run down; I’m pro-choice, an environmentalist, and I’ve got a plan for everything. Some would call me a Democratic Socialist, though I would describe myself more as a responsible capitalist. My companies have maximum wage caps. The top can only make more than 75k, once the entire bottom of the company makes at least 75K per year.

Capitalism is great, and we need go go capitalism to fund rich social safety nets. There are successful examples of this symbiosis occurring all over the globe, but we’re fed propaganda that attempts (successfully) to convince us that our broken system is better than global systems. It’s not, I’ve been out in the world and I deal with global hospitals. Our medical for our general population is among the worst access on the industrialized earth.

In our new contract with capitalism we go into Primary Care for All (Utah’s solution to the Feds fighting Medicare for All). We plan to pay for this with new taxes on automation and AI which was used to replace human workers. When companies replace workers with machines, we have to find a way to recover those payroll taxes. This money will be used to provide those necessary human services, and since automation is always growing, so will this tax base.

Our holistic plan also addresses Climate Change in a whole new way. We will restore our Great Salt Lake and the other saline lakes of the west, while cleaning up our air, reducing fossil fuel use, and stabilizing our weather patterns. Taking immediate action to mitigate environmental damage, reducing poor air and water quality, and actively restoring our habitat is the only path forward. This plan has been recognized by TEDx for it’s forward thinking, profitability and ingenuity and I will present it at the Peery Egyptian Theater in Ogden on August 22nd, 2020.

Housing is a human right, and Utah already addressed this once. We were the pride of the nation with our housing-first policies. Then the legislature de-funded the program. We are going to fix this, and break the landlord monopolies that have plagued, and widened the wealth gap in Utah since the Great Recession in 2008. Currently buildings are kept empty, artificially decreasing supply, and increasing how much can be made in profits off rentals. We will enact regulations to end this predatory market manipulating behavior.

Wages will be increased. I’m a capitalist and I’ve only paid fair wages my whole career. Anyone who tells you that living wages are impossible, is either lying or running their business poorly. The excuse for poor wages is simply a tradition, that we need to eliminate. If you can’t pay fairly, then your business model isn’t truly viable, and it needs to be adjusted. Our new Consumer Protection Office will conduct yearly wage surveys with a goal of living wages across the state by 2024. We will also lift the ban on municipalities setting their own minimum wages. This office will also provide assistance to businesses to help them retool to pay fairly.

Education expansion will be paid for through taxing on previously restricted items like recreational cannabis, lotteries, and more.

We will offer pardons and clemency to all minor drug offenders, and a path back into society. Money will be moved from prisons, and the prison slave labor system, into programs to help these people reestablish themselves in the real world, after they have done their time. Prison Guards will no longer have the authority to extend a prisoner’s sentence with accumulated shot tickets.

We will create a guaranteed jobs program, to go along with our guaranteed housing program. There is always work to be done. This will help address the needs of our disenfranchised minority communities as well as our disabled communities. We go out of our way to hire workers with disabilities, and I take personal pride in the creative work we’ve done to empower workers with limited mobility. I look forward to effecting more change for our disabled family and friends in my time as Governor

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: As stated in the summary, our contract with capitalism looks like the progressive caucus platform, only with some nitty-gritty details for how we’ll pay for it. I am a serial entrepreneur, a perpetual student of the world, and a compulsive systems engineer. When I hear of a problem I immediately begin working on solutions. Every section of our contract with capitalism is being laid out with simple to follow plans, and easy to execute solutions. Fixing our system and taking care of everyone will take a holistic and interconnected approach. Indeed, most of the issues we face, are caused by letting another portion of our people or our state crumble as they’re neglected. We will address the state as a whole, and bring all the knowledge I’ve gained through my career as global tour operator, and businessman inventor back to my home town. Together we’ll be the Pioneers of the Future, and make sure that our children have a future that’s worth inheriting.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Chris Peterson
(801) 215-9708

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I’m running for governor because I want to fight for working people. Despite our successes, too many of our Utahns are still struggling to get by. We need practical solutions to everyday problems. Utahns deserve access to affordable health care, a great education, clean air, consumer protection, and a government that respects public opinion.

Some of my priorities include:

  • Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic with scientific evidence and compassion for all–The coronavirus outbreak has undermined the economy and put Utahn’s health at risk. Now more than ever we need progressive leadership to keep us safe as we go back to work. I support practical solutions to dramatically expand testing for the virus, tracing those who may have been exposed, and providing medical treatment to everyone who is sick. Utah must rise to the challenge of this pandemic and emerge with a stronger and more inclusive political order and economic system.
  • Ensuring a quality education for our children–Every student deserves a quality education. The Utah Constitution established a permanent school fund to guarantee that all Utah children would have access to the best possible education. But, too often our government has failed to use and develop this fund to provide the resources our kids need. I will work to bring more resources to Utah’s K-12 schools and to make higher education better and more affordable. I support the creation of a student loan borrower bill of rights and ombudsman office here in Utah to take on the student debt crisis. Utah should build the best public education system in America.
  • Expanding access to affordable health care–In a civilized society, all people deserve access to affordable health care. Health care is a basic human right. I will work to leverage federal programs to provide health care to as many Utahns as possible. Utah should be creative in expanding coverage and reducing the cost of prescription drugs. While no state has established a single-payer system on its own, I would work constructively with federal efforts if Congress acts. In the meantime, we should learn from other states that have extended, such as Maryland and Massachusetts, that have successfully extended coverage to many more people than Utah. As governor, I would work to expand coverage, maintain quality, and promote affordability.
  • Safeguarding consumer rights–Every Utahn deserves to be treated with honesty and fairness in the marketplace. Utah government has a responsibility to ensure that predatory businesses do not prey on working families. And honest businesses deserve a marketplace that is free from unfair competition.
  • Responsible environmental stewardship and clean air–The Wasatch Front has some of the poorest air quality in the nation. Our children, families, and businesses need clean air to thrive. I will fight to reduce air pollution and transition to a clean energy future. Our national and state parks, forests, and wilderness areas are a heritage we should preserve for all. Climate change is the greatest challenge of our generation. We need to push toward net-zero carbon emissions by transitioning to electric vehicles, increasing mass transit, developing distributed solar power, and investing in commercial wind, solar, and geothermal energy.
  • Putting a stop to gerrymandering and political corruption–Utahns voted for Proposition 4, creating a strong, independent redistricting commission to create fair and balanced legislative districts. I support fully respecting the will of voters and will insist that voters chose their representatives—not the other way around. We also need limits on campaign contributions and stricter conflict of interest rules for state and federal legislators. I will work toward the repeal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.
  • Advocating for Disabled Utahns–Utahns with disabilities have unique experiences and needs. Disabled Utahns, their families, and their communities should have access to the support, recognition, and resources they need to thrive.
  • Standing up for Utah’s workers–Workers deserve good jobs, fair wages, and humane working conditions. Too many Utahns work hard, but cannot keep up with the rising cost of living. I will fight to ensure that Utah’s economy works for working people. Throughout history, an organized and thriving labor movement has been essential in fighting for fair wages, workplace safety, and an economy that benefits everyone. I support reforming Utah law to encourage and strengthen collective barging and living wage.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe:

  • Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic with scientific evidence and compassion for all.
  • Ensuring a quality education for our children.
  • Expanding access to affordable health care.
  • Promoting responsible environmental stewardship and clean air.
  • Creating a strong, independent redistricting commission.
  • Advocating for Disabled Utahns.
  • Standing up for Utah’s workers.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Nikki Pino
(801) 643-2893

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I am an unknown, an average American, and an underdog. I not only can represent a lot of the people out there that don’t have a voice or do, but go unheard, I can relate to a lot of the problems the people have; medical bills, expensive education costs, rent being too high, wages being too low, and others because I live those problems too.

Our government needs someone new and fresh that isn’t part of the system, someone that isn’t a career politician, a professor, a business person, a corporate puppet, a lawyer, who isn’t rich or elitist because that is what our government is full of and that’s who our politicians always are, no regular people. We need a regular every day individual that lives by morals and ethics and not their paycheck.

I am here because I want to be here. I want to help people and with my skills, talents, strategies, and overall desire to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do is why I will not only be a good leader, but one of the best Utah has ever had.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: I believe not only should we moving towards a more medicare for all model, but because our healthcare system is so broken and corrupt we need to overhaul it from the ground up. It needs to be simplified, remove the loopholes for insurance companies, and be centered around non-profit and for the betterment of the people and their health, not for businesses and corporations.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Ryan Jackson
(801) 666-9383

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform:

  • Criminal Justice center Reform
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Affordable Housing
  • Education

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Criminal Justice Reform to help fight inequalities in the Justice system. Healthcare that protects American workers.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Archie A Williams III
(801) 602 – 9058

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: To help the people.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? No

Utah Lieutenant Governor

Karina Brown
(435) 881-2798

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Thank you Progressive Caucus for the opportunity to be considered for an endorsement as the Peterson/Brown ticket for Governor/Lt. Governor. Your passion and commitment to change are inspiring!

Healthcare – I was a signatory and sponsor of Proposition 3 to expand Medicaid in Utah. On 1/1/20, approximately 100,000 Utahns with income up to 138% of the poverty level became eligible for coverage. Our campaign is committed to quality healthcare coverage for all people and will support affordable healthcare options in Utah and market the availability of Medicaid to the vulnerable members of our community. I have served as a secretary then board member for the Utah Democratic Healthcare Caucus. We have followed legislation during the session to advocate for healthcare-related bills such as the Insulin Access Amendment.

Air Quality – Work with organizations, scientists, and policymakers to create solutions to improve air quality. Solutions would include action items for businesses and citizens.

Housing – Promote planned development which could include housing located close to public transportation, accessory dwelling units, and eliminating harsh financial penalties for renters experiencing economic hardship. I am working on planning housing options at the local level as a Nibley City Planning Commissioner.

Education – We invest in our future when we invest in education. It is important to increase teacher pay, protect income tax revenue, and promote technical education as well as higher education. In 2019 I was one of 11 people from Cache County to contribute to the Utah Strategic Planning Progress report in consultation with the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems consulting firm.

Tax – Eliminate the sales tax on food. Limit tax breaks to businesses locating to Utah. Work with Utah residents and legislators to reform the tax structure while protecting funds for education.

Jobs/Labor – Support labor unions and their efforts to improve working conditions, wages, and benefits. Plan for education to help students recognize and develop their skills early so at high school graduation they are more prepared for further education and work.

Rights of Disabled – Increase funding for programs in Utah because there is a long waiting list for services. Increase the availability of ADA compliant apartment units.

Racial Justice – Increase the diversity on Utah Boards and Commissions so different communities are represented in decision making roles.

Campaign Finance – Support to repeal Citizens United to decrease the corporate influence on elections. Follow the implementation of Proposition 4 so voter redistricting is fair and balanced.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe. Consumer Protection – There are more payday loan businesses in Utah than fast food restaurants! See this article for information on Chris’ research into predatory loan practices in Utah

Work with legislators to place a cap on payday loan interest rates. Utah is one of a few states with no caps on payday loan lending limits.

Chris’s work as a consumer protection advocate and my success in helping to expand healthcare coverage in Utah illustrates our shared goal of helping the most vulnerable members of our society, which aligns with your progressive values. We are committed to fighting for Utahns.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

U.S. Congressional District 3 -Utah

Devin Thorpe
(801) 747-9575

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: My top priorities are reversing climate change, fighting for social justice and defining healthcare as a human right.
Climate change represents an existential threat to our democracy and the human species. It also represents the greatest opportunity in human history to remake our world in a better way. Investments in climate solutions will pay financial dividends for generations that justify massive public investment.

Vulnerable people in Utah living near, or even below, the poverty line deserve a fair shake. They need us to develop compassionate solutions that respect human dignity and ensure that everyone who works earns a living wage. No adult should be expected to work for $7.25 per hour. Starvation wages are a form of indentured servitude. We can, we must, we will do better.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights says universal access to affordable healthcare is a human right. I pledge to fight for this principle every day that I serve in Congress.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: I believe that my three primary campaign thrusts–fighting for social justice, working for universal healthcare and investing in climate change solutions–are all aligned well with progressive views.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Trey Robinson
(801) 899-3546

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: My campaign has been designed to not only be creative and different but to be practical and strategic to unify and move us forward in this deeply, DEEPLY religiously red district. That is what we are facing. We have to own that and embrace it. We cannot afford to run away from this and pretend that it isn’t a huge obstacle in flipping this seat in November. Utah’s 3rd District is the youngest in the entire country. There is ABSOLUTELY support to be gained here. After all that we have been through as a country in the last 4 years, the people in this district have started to wake up. They know something isn’t right and that their current allegiances and representatives no longer align with their beliefs. We have a chance, now more than ever before, to reach a hand out to this community and make it clear to them that we align with who they are and what they believe. We have a unique opportunity to win them over, not only for the election this November but for decades to come. This is the power that comes from owning who we are and openly and honestly representing our diversity, not only for this district and our party, but for our country that is in desperate need of true, genuine, and courageous leadership.

Pretending that our party can win this race in Utah’s 3rd district without tackling these obstacles head-on in a creative, new, bold, young, and unifying way will doom us in November and only further solidify Utah as a “deep red state”. Even more importantly this will prevent our district from joining with our country’s legislators who are fighting for the soul of our nation. It is vital that we put forward a candidate that will not only be able to win this fall but can hit the ground running in 2021, refusing to be gaslit into waiting even longer for change, but rather utilize new technologies and ways of thinking to make it happen. We need someone who can cut through the noise and reach the American people by not only understanding how to talk to them, but who knows and understands the platforms and devices they are on. In 2020 thinking that a tweet or an op-ed in the newspaper is effective leadership is delusional at best. It is not even close to being enough and we need leaders who understand this.

Winning this race will require a candidate capable of speaking boldly in new and creative ways to accurately and effectively represent not only the rising generation, but who understands who we are, where we come from, what our country was built on, and what is right. We need honesty and vulnerability. We need someone brave enough to start conversations that no one else is willing or able to. As a gay Mormon, a lower-class cancer survivor, as a male sexual assault victim, and as a millennial, I am strong and brave enough to start new and vital conversations, that spark change, and can finally begin to heal our country.

I am reaching out to the people in district 3 like never before and that is what it will take for us to win. We have to inspire them to want to flip this district and make their voices heard at the polls this fall. I want you to know that I am mindfully representing you and who we are, but beyond that, I am fighting to prove that to you, your caucus, our party, our state, and our country. We can win, and I am the candidate to make that happen.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: All 6 of the pillars of my campaign push for progressive advancement across the board. First and foremost equality spanning gender, racial, and LGBT Issues. This includes many things like Women’s Reproductive Rights, Equal Pay for equal work, vocal support for movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. With the environment, this includes fighting for the Green New Deal and taking the steps we need in order to combat climate change Immediately. Within Education that is advancements in technology and integration to classrooms and directly into the hands of students to move us into the future, Student Loan forgiveness, equality in educational opportunities, and support for teachers in the classroom and making sure they are paid competitive salaries. My campaign is also pushing for a progressive overhaul of the nation’s healthcare system to provide healthcare for ALL Americans as well as an overhaul of the Immigration system to better reflect our values as a country by restructuring the process to promote legal immigration as well as providing an easy to understand streamlined process free of stripping children away from their parents. My campaign also addresses online policies that no other candidate is tackling, to protect our data as well as our safety both as citizens and as a country to look forward to the threats of the future and what we need to do to combat them. More can be found on my website where I outline these issues and more in great detail.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Utah Attorney General

Greg Skordas
(801) 550-6156

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform. For 20 years and through the past three administrations, Utah Attorney Generals have engaged in a practice of taking political contributions from individuals and entities with questionable histories. Individuals and business entities that any political figure, especially one who holds himself out as “Utah’s Top Prosecutor” should be wary of. It is well known that one way to get the AG’s office to “look the other way” is to make a political contribution to the AG candidate. One would hope that after two prosecutions, the policy would stop. Sadly, those prosecutions were not only poorly conducted, but have apparently had no deterrence.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: I am Pro-Choice. I believe the AG’s office should stop being “pay-to-play. I believe in government transparency and accountability.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Democratic National Committeewoman

Darlene McDonald
(801) 835-8200

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: Represent the diverse voices of Utah Democrats. Work the Party’s Chair and Vice-Chair and bring Party leaders to Utah to help us build a strong and united Utah Democratic Party.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: Sit with Party leaders as they work the DNC platform and provide that necessary voice to advocate for progressive causes and issues. We must be on the inside to make the necessary changes we want to see. We must be at the table to bring the change we want to see.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Democratic National Committeeman

Nate Blouin
(603) 724-3266

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I am running to represent Democrats as one of Utah’s members of the DNC. I understand progressive frustration with the DNC, and I think it’s important to have progressive representation within this body. For all of its faults, the Democratic Party is the only viable path to electing progressives both here in Utah and across the country, but the party needs to do a better job of welcoming progressives into the party. As someone who voted for Sen. Sanders in 2016 and in 2020 but who has worked closely with party leadership as a member of the fundraising and candidate recruitment committees and numerous Democratic campaigns, I’m able to have frank discussions with each wing of the party in hopes of breaking down barriers that have been difficult for progressives to overcome. We need passionate progressives working within the parry infrastructure to truly steer things in the right direction.
It’s imperative to have voices that can be critical of DNC leadership while building strong relationships that are important in bringing resources back here to Utah. I enjoy these aspects of the job and am not afraid to be in the middle of arguments over the party’s direction if that’s what it takes to build consensus, but I hope to put our agreements on the table and move forward in a way that acknowledges what we share.

There are a few key areas that I’d push for the Democratic Party to strengthen as priorities as a DNC member:

  • Ensuring that the widest possible margin of the population has the right and ability to vote in every election
  • Continued progression towards a healthcare system that guarantees everyone the ability to get the care they need
  • Acknowledging climate change and standing up for renewable energy, transportation electrification and sustainable building practices
  • Within Utah, putting a focus on overturning legislative supermajorities and ensuring that we have candidates that align with their districts
  • Utilizing progressive dedication to increase the party’s volunteer base and ensure progressives are recognized as valuable members of the party

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: If I were running for public office (not intra-party), my platform would closely resemble the Progressive Caucus’. I believe that healthcare is a human right and that the profit motive should not be a factor in the quality or accessibility of care, and support full Medicaid expansion in Utah and beyond. Air quality is an incredibly important issue to me as a runner and outdoor athlete, and I work in promoting renewable energy because it presents a path forward to enjoying a better quality of life than we currently enjoy. I’m excited to work with the folks tasked with implementing HB411 – Community Renewables and think it sets a strong model for expansion in other states that have struggled to embrace renewable energy. I believe that housing is a human right and strongly agree with all points on housing in the caucus’ platform. I also agree with all points in your platform regarding education. I support the majority of the platform in regards to tax policy, though I support incentives for certain industries that provide societal benefits such as renewable energy that have benefitted from incentives as they became viable in their own right. Incentives should have clawbacks and should not be place-based, they should not pit communities against one another in a race to the bottom. To keep this brief, I agree with the rest of your platform and am actively working on some of these issues including just transitions for communities losing fossil fuel jobs and as mentioned, HB411 implementation and other development of renewable energy. I will work to incorporate these values as Democratic values and will conduct myself as a member of the DNC in a way that honors them.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes

Brad Townley

Please provide a summary of your campaign platform: I’m running for national committee member because I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help build a more inclusive, fair, and transparent Democratic Party that starts from the ground up. Too many of our processes and procedures are unnecessarily byzantine, which creates confusion, breeds mistrust, and provides yet another barrier to new members seeking to be involved.

Does your campaign include any goals that support our progressive views? Yes

Please describe: An open, transparent, and fair party.

Do you consider yourself a “Progressive” candidate? Yes